Touch VPN Apk – Get Proxy WiFi Privacy APK for Android 2021

Touch VPN Apk

Touch VPN Apk: Many people are searching for ways to access anonymous things on the internet, in some countries or regions, restrictions on some websites and applications make people bother.

So VPN is the best source which can help you to overcome your difficulties and problems. There are lots of fake Paid and Fake VPNs available on the internet. But we will provide you details about the best VPN. 

 Touch VPN APK and working

Touch VPN helps to protect privacy, and provide secure and anonymous web browsing. But is VPN secure to touch? We’ll go into every single aspect of this Virtual Private Network in our overview to help you understand what to expect from it.

Our experienced team took time out with Touch VPN and put it through various checks. We tested its capabilities in security, encryption protocols, logging policies, speed, stability, torrenting, and streaming.

Is Touch VPN a proper supplier? Join us for an insight into our Touch VPN analysis. also, check PUB Gfx Tool APK


  The headquarter of this VPN is located in the US. Only 5 members are working with a partnership. The US is pressuring any single country-based corporation to spy on its customers and share the details with the government.Coverage-wise, the number of sponsored servers compared with the market leaders is shockingly small.

With only 30 + servers across the globe, Touch VPN can’t have a secure and reliable connection for you. Although you’ll find servers in the US, UK, Russia, and many other EU countries, in Africa, or, say, New Zealand, you won’t have the same luck. the Touch VPN is 100 percent real and safe.

You can use this VPN without any worries. This VPN will protect your browsing. You can protect your computer, mobile devices, etc.

What Do You Get with Touch VPN apk?

 Touch VPN supports Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, and you can even install an extension for your browser. To function flawlessly, the VPN includes Android 4.1 and iOS 9.0 or higher.

You’ll need Mac OS 10.12 and Windows 10 or higher for personal computers (both 32-piece and 64-piece operating systems are bolstered). However, to ensure your turn, gaming console (like a PS4), or brilliant TV, you can ignore using this VPN.


  • free not paid
  • all platform supported.
  • applications are simple and user friendly.
  • Unlimited different connections.
  • Don’t need any registration
  • VPN protocol open


  • very less server 
  • The speed of connection is slow.
  • The company keeps herself up to date.
  • P2P traffic isn’t allowed
  • Not the best choice for unblocking Netflix
  • DNS leaks and no-kill switch 

Touch VPN is very simple to use and has excellent Win, Desktop, and web phone applications. Thanks to the policy on unlimited apps, you can use it to secure every single connection inside your home.

Additionally, no registration is necessary; at the same time, the privacy policy leaves much to be desired. This VPN is also a bad pick to stream Netflix or to share torrents.


 The most critical aspects of Vpn is the best quality, along with security and privacy policies. We are talking about the speed and reliability of the connections. It is particularly relevant when you are planning to download large files via P2P or to view content on streaming platforms.

To check the working of a VPN, you can pass it by various testing phases in a real life. As already mentioned, this company offers only 30 + servers to choose from, which is an inadequate number. For our test, we picked two servers: one in the US. Also, check Girl Whatsapp Group Join

You don’t need to get worried about the efficiency of this provider while running multiple speed tests: it greatly reduces the link speeds.

Its results are very poor compared with the best products on the market. The following list includes comprehensive information about the Ping, Upload, and Download speeds we received with Touch VPN.  


  • Ping: 45
  • Download: 26Mbps
  • Upload: 33Mbps
  • USA:
  • Ping: 250ms
  • Download: 25Mbps
  • Upload: 7-8Mbps

The bottom line is if you’re looking for fast speeds in a VPN, this is one of the worst choices you can find. Another challenge is lack of stability: you’ll constantly experience abrupt drops in speed.

And, as there are not many servers to connect to, it will take some time for the provider to grant you access, say, to a server located in the US.

Encoding and Protocols

The list of Touch VPN enabled encryption protocols includes OpenVPN (both UDP and TCP) as well as HydraVPN. It’s important to note that OpenVPN is the most common and easy-to-use protocol currently available.

It is open-source, ensuring that users worldwide can test it and submit to developers any bugs and vulnerabilities. The bad news Is-Touch VPN does not support IKEv2, the market’s most stable protocol. And, there is no Splitor Kill or Switch Tunneling-like most providers, these features come standard.

Touch VPN Apk
Touch VPN Apk

The second time the VPN goes down, a Kill Switch automatically cuts the network link off. This way, it prevents the surveillance of your operation by hackers and other third party eyes. In addition, Split Tunneling allows you to hand-pick which apps are to be shielded by the VPN (for example, you can only run the browser via it).


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