Best Android Apps

Best Android Apps

Top 10 Best Android Apps – Free Apps 2018 

Best Android Apps: Hi everyone today we will talk about the best android apps to check out for your Android phone. So let’s start we have selected these ten new android apps on the basis of user functionality and most importantly, because they are new we have also tested these apps for few days and found all of them pretty useful. So without wasting time let’s start. Top apps for Android and as usual we will show them in random order.

Assistant Shortcuts

Assistant shortcuts you can configure the assistant button which is usually the long press home button to a command for the example you can set the shortcut to show your notifications or open a different app it’s very simple to use and once you grant all the permissions we have different options which you can choose to customize the assistant button you can see your notifications quick settings or even turn on the flashlight in the buttons menu it can use the assistant button to do different tasks such as to go back show your recent apps and enables full screen and here you can set different app to open instead of Google assistant overall assistant shortcuts makes it easy to perform certain actions without going through different settings in your mobile

Adaptive Brightness

Adaptive brightness style as the name suggests this app will let you place an adaptive brightness style in the quick settings

the app basically allows you to use the alert by feature on your phone it’s different than the regular auto brightness as in the adaptive brightness mode it will adjust the brightness according to the environment plus you can also manually change the brightness level I have tested this app in few different phones and the functionality of the tile works perfectly overall if you’re looking to add this latest feature of Android Pi on your phone and do try out this app next

Fluid Navigation Gestures

Fluid navigation gestures nowadays all the new phones are coming with the full-screen front and some of them supports the on-screen gestures and using this app you can use the fluid navigation gestures on your phone the gestures are similar to what we have seen in the poco phone but here you have few additional options so when you swipe on the screen you have the main gesture but if you swipe a little bit more you can toggle the second reaction.

You can also customize these action according to your preference in order to make this app work you would need to grant some permission using the adb platform tools for which you have the instructions in the app itself apart from that this is the best third-party navigation – an app I have used so far and is my daily driver on my phone from last few days so do check it out next app in our list is the

Hyperion launcher

Hyperion launcher is a feature filter with very clean UI the launcher is highly customizable with beautiful user interface basically this launcher has everything that you saw a pixel

launcher but with more customizations and as per the developer of the launcher it’s not just your home screen but it’s

an experience and this launcher does exactly the same and offers a smooth and fast UI you can customize a launcher

theme background of the dock and folder and even use third-party icons you can also integrate the Google now screen by

downloading the Hyperion talk to give it complete look and feel of tricks a launcher overall with a lot of customization Hyperion launcher is a stable and a fast launcher next on our

list is the

Wallpapers for Gamers

As the name suggests it’s a wallpaper app but for gamers this app has a good collection of all papers from popular games a testing fortnight counter-strike pub G and so on the backgrounds are in 4k and you will see new or different star getting added daily you have the option to go through the popular wallpapers or browse through different wallpapers by the game

wallpaper for gamers is a one-stop app where you can find a lot of cool and ultra HD gaming wallpaper for your phone so definitely check out this app now our list is the who does


Whodoes allows you in a unique way to skip household duties like dishes washing and so on so basically the app helps you to choose the person among your friends and family members in a

funny way who will do the task the user interface of this app is simple but very unique in order to use this app you

choose the number of persons and then select a challenge

there are different challenges in the app which are really interesting as well whosoever fails in the challenge will

perform the task so in short, this brilliant and creative app will help you to turn your boring duties into exciting gameplay next in our list is the

Status Bar & Not Customizer

Status bar & not customizer this app is especially for the newer phone which has an odd screen and if you like me who don’t like the not then you can use this app and customize the nose area with endless options you can use the presets which are available in the app or create your own notch color team with

gradient colors so if you hit the notch on your phone and simply use this app and give the notch area a cool look next app is the


Sometimes we see something which we really want to read but don’t have the time it could be an article or any news which you want to read later than with this app you can inbox it to your email you simply have to select the content and then select the share option and select the inbox it app from the list and after that the app will automatically inbox you the content to your selected email address and here is how the email looks like in order to work this app requires a Gmail account and it supports article images video content up to 25 megabytes next app in

our list is the


What’s lock is a lock app which is different than the regular app blockers the app helps you to lock a particular chart in WhatsApp instead of blocking the full application so first you need to select a chart which you want to lock and now every time you or someone else opens the chart it will ask you to enter the pin number which you have selected during the initial setup you can also unlock the chart with the fingerprint I find is a clearly useful and a perfect way to lock a single chat thread in WhatsApp apart from that it can also use this app to lock any app but it doesn’t work sometime as it’s in beta stage and the last app we have in our list is the

Reachability Cursor

Reachability cursor is a one-handed mouse pointer app he can use this app to have a PC like mouse pointer to control big screen smartphones it has Galaxy Note series or maybe a tablet with bigger screen so once you set up the app you just need to swipe on the swipe pads which is either on your right or the left edge of your screen then you get this tracker which you can use to move the cursor and when you tap on the tracker it will work as a click the cursor disappear automatically when you tap somewhere else on the screen in my opinion this is a wonderful app and

I must have app for big screen phone users and I think it can also be useful if your phone screen is broken from the top side in the touch area doesn’t work so that’s it guys is what the 10 best apps we have found this.

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